Connecting your Smart TV

Some TV models may not have the ability to connect to the Premium WiFi because a browser is needed to access the captive web portal which the TV may not have.

For these situations we recommend purchasing a portable "Travel Ready" style router. Connecting the router to the Premium WiFi system first will then make it possible to connect your Smart TV.

Our recommendation would be the TP-Link AC750 #TL-WR902AC. Feedback from residents using this router have been positive. But you are always welcome to find one that fits your needs, just be sure it is "travel" ready.

Travel router needs to be in "Hotspot" mode.

When connecting your router to the WiFi system, please follow the included instructions for your purchased device, as we cannot provide setup support for these devices.

A quick search for setup instructions can be found online. Below is one of many YouTube examples.

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